While a thigh lift is not as common as many other plastic surgery procedures it is one area Dr. Abrams and his staff have done with great success. Also known as a thigh-plasty, this surgery is done to remove the excess skin and tissue in the thighs. Some patients, especially those who have experienced extreme weight loss, often have unwanted, saggy skin.


A thigh lift will tighten and reshape that area of the body. There are two types of thigh-plasty that we specialize in. First is called a lateral thigh lift. This takes care of the outer thigh area by focusing on the front and sides of the thigh. A procedure known as a medial thigh lift, on the other hand, focuses on the upper, inner thigh. Our results always look natural and proportionate to other parts of the body. After the surgery your friends won’t be able to tell you’ve had any work done and will envy your amazing looking legs.



Our goal is to make you look and feel your best. Southern California is known for it’s perfect weather and we want you to feel comfortable to show off your gorgeous legs! The procedure itself will take about three or four hours to complete and recovery is a little more intense than other types of surgery. You will gradually have to ease into activity. But we guarantee you’ll love the outcome! The legs you’ve always wanted are just a consultation away. Call today and make an appointment with Dr. Abrams to find out more about a thigh lift.

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