Aging signs can be seen clearly from the neck area. As a person ages, he or she would notice that sagging starts to occur in the neck area, the jaw starts to lose definition, double, or even triple chin starts to appear and the “turkey-gobbler” chin starts to form. All these may cause aging individuals to desire for a tighter neck and jaw line that they once had. Neck lift procedure is one of the best-known solutions to address this aspect of aging.


Dr. Abrams, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, offers neck lift procedures in the Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles areas. A neck lift procedure often goes hand-in-hand with face lift procedures, which Dr Abrams specializes in calling it a New Age Lift.The procedure can help you achieve a sculpted, well-defined neck. In order to rejuvenate the neck shape, Dr. Abrams either carries out liposuction to improve the neck contour and causes the skin to be tighter around the neck area, or performs the MACS Lift that would secure the loosened muscles to stable, bony structures. When necessary, any presence of neckbands can also be surgically treated. The procedure is suitable for those who seek to improve their neck appearance and do not have a lot of excess skin.


Dr. Abrams’ extensive experience in neck lift procedures ensure that patients see the results they want to see. After the neck lift procedures, patients can expect a more defined and sculpted jaw line, elimination of “turkey-gobbler” chin, elimination of neck bands and a neck rejuvenation in general. As Dr. Abrams uses small incisions for his neck lift procedures, patients can expect minimal scarring that is barely visible. Fast recovery and long-lasting results can also be expected from Dr. Abrams’ advanced and effective neck lift procedures. With Dr. Abrams’ New Age Lift patients can rest assured that their necks will once again appear youthful, natural and rejuvenated. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Abrams.

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