Laser Resurfacing Beverly HillsNot all the procedures done by Dr. Abrams are surgical. Many patients visit the doctor for non-invasive procedures to give their appearance a more youthful or desirable look. Patients don’t have to make drastic changes to improve their appearance or confidence. A quick, rejuvenating procedure can have you in and out of the office within an hour and leave you looking years younger. One such procedure is laser resurfacing.


Laser resurfacing is a procedure that is utilized to improve facial skin appearance and treat minor flaws and or irregularities such as scars and or flaws that are the result of severe acne conditions. It is also a procedure that can help to reduce signs of facial aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles in addition to improving overall complexion. The laser used in this procedure is extremely precise and removes skin layer by layer in order to achieve a smoother appearance. Laser resurfacing procedures are available at our Beverly Hills, Encino or Costa Mesa locations.


Depending on the problem you are hoping to remedy with the laser resurfacing, Dr. Abrams will choose the laser that is best for you. Dr. Abrams doesn’t use the same method on all patients, he individually tailors each procedure to certain patient specifications and that will give them the best, most natural looking results.


Laser resurfacing procedures eligibility varies from individual to individual, thus a private consultation with our highly renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Abrams, would be highly recommended. There are alternatives to laser resurfacing that might suit your needs better, and thus contact Dr. Abrams at our Beverly Hills location to find out more about the different types of procedures and how we can help you reduce signs of aging. Results and recovery period will vary.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Abrams at the Los Angeles location that is closest and most convenient for you.

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