The aesthetics of the eyebrows haseyebrow lift Los Angeles been a subject of interest for many centuries, especially in the Orient.  An aesthetically pleasing eyebrow arch directs slightly upwards as it goes from the inner to the outer part of the forehead and the outer part is approximately 8 – 10 mm above the bony ridge above the eye.  Sagging of the eyebrows not only results in loss of this aesthetic appearance, but also results in secondary sagging of the upper eyelids.  A common problem that patients are seen for is this very secondary sagging, which they are not aware of it being secondary to the eyebrows. Another problem related to the forehead is wrinkles in the horizontal or vertical (frown line) direction, which may require surgical correction.


There are different techniques of brow lift available and the appropriate technique depends on the characteristics of the patient and their desired goal.  For example a patient with a high forehead and forehead wrinkles will benefit from a hairline forehead lift and a patient with a short forehead and no wrinkles but severe sagging of the eyebrows will benefit more from an endoscopic brow lift.

Your eyebrows are the most significant features of your face. A small movement of your eyebrows can express an emotion. Grooming of eyebrows has become a must beauty routine for women, shaping them through programs like threading, waxing, tinting and tweezing. However, as you age, the eyebrows tend to be saggy and flatter forming tired, grumpy and sad appearance. Don’t worry because there are procedural methods that can make your eyebrows have a youthful look known as the brow lift. A brow lift reduces furrows that develop across the forehead by tightening soft tissues to give you a more youthful look to your forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids.

You can consider a brow lift if you have the following conditions:

  • Excessive fat, tissue, skin that is flaccid over the eyes.
  • Furrow lines between your eyebrows.
  • Furrows appearing across the top of your nose.
  • Profound creases crosswise your forehead
  • Sagging position of your eyebrows.

Brow lift involves surgical and non-surgical procedures. Non-surgical procedures are carried out in a medical spa. How can you achieve a brow lift non-surgically? There are various methods that you can prefer which include:
Anti-wrinkle injections. Certain types of muscles pull your eyebrows downwards known as orbicularis oculi. When the surgeon carefully injects these injections into the muscles, your eyebrows rise from the downward pull by the muscles of your forehead.

  • Injection of a dermal filler beneath your eyebrow, softening the bony orbital rim around your eyebrows, leading to a softer look.
  • Use of Botox on the lateral blow. Injecting Botox into the muscles pulls up your eyebrow and relaxes the muscles.
  • Eyelash enhancers to thicken brow hairs.
  • Fat grafting as a filler can be used to thicken and reshape your brow.
    Types of Surgical Procedures used in brow lifting are:
  • Coronal brow lift. A long incision in one of your creases of your forehead or across the forehead is made by your surgeon to lift the skin lying beneath your tissues. He or she loosens the muscles and removes excess fat or skin and sews your brow in a new, good position.
  • Endoscopic brow lift. An endoscope is put through many small incisions in your scalp by your surgeon, allowing him or her to view and work on the internal structures of your forehead. This procedure requires least incisions.
  • Limited incision technique. This procedure is nonendoscopic and has limited incisions. The cosmetic doctor uses a small part of open incision technique without involving an endoscope to raise the outer part of the eyebrow with direct visualization. It minimizes wrinkles at the curve of the eyes.
    Some of the benefits of brow lifting are:
  • It makes you look friendlier, social, approachable and happier.
  • It lifts your eyebrows to a more youthful look and more vigilant position.
  • Transposes sagging eyebrows that hang over your upper eyelid.
    It is imperative to choose a surgeon you can trust based on the following fields:
  • Education and training
  • Your ease level with your surgeon.
  • Experience with brow lifting, surgical or non-surgical methods.

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