Drooping and wrinkling of the eyelids,Eyelid Lift Los Angeles along with eyelid bags… Some people start noticing these as early as in their twenties. Eye Lift surgery, commonly known as BLEPHAROPLASTY probably results in the most dramatic change in facial rejuvenation. Depending on the individual’s specific needs, the surgery can consist of removing excess upper and lower eyelid skin, correction of asymmetries in eyelid position (ptosis repair), removal of eyelid bags, and tightening of the lower eyelids, or any combination of these. One area of particular interest for us has been improvement of the Oriental upper eyelid. Blepharoplasty in the Oriental eyelid involves dealing with special problems that are unique and require special expertise and experience.


Eyelid Surgery: What should you know?
Blepharoplasty usually referred to as eyelid surgery is a common procedure that is intended to even out hanging eyelids so as to give you a more alert and young look. The process includes the removal of excess fats around the eyes thereby reducing the heaviness that results in sagging eyes. Apart from causing your eyes to hang, extra fats around the eyes can reduce your visibility. Eyelid surgery is performed on a very sensitive area of the human body. It is thus vital to do thorough research and find a professional medic to carry it out.
Benefits of blepharoplasty
Research shows that the number of people undergoing eyelid surgery continues to increase every year. Below are the advantages:

  • Reduces weight on your eyes that is caused by fats
  • A youthful and gorgeous look
  • Restores full vision which might have been diminished by excess fats
  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Eyelid surgery procedures
    No one would wish to damage his eyes while undergoing surgery. It is nice to find out which eyelid procedure is suitable for you before making the final decision. Below are the two common categories of eyelid procedures.
    Upper eyelid surgery: This procedure involves the removal of fat from eyelids, and the use of cuts across the wrinkle of the eyelids to allow for the removal of fat and skin. The surgeon then uses a thin stitch to tighten the skin to pave the way for the creation of an eyelid fold and natural gorgeous-looking double eyelids. Stitching depends on every patient’s needs.
    Lower blepharoplasty: The muscles under eyes weaken as we age. This makes fat to overhang as time goes by. Lower eyelid surgery is intended to solve this hanging problem. The procedure is performed by making skin cuts just beneath the lash line. This technique is for the elimination of extra lax skin and the redeployment of fats. It can also be carried out through a transconjunctival approach which includes making a hidden incision on the inside of the eyelid. Transconjunctival approach is suitable for patients who need both the removal and addition of fat. This procedure gives you a balanced younger look.
    Risks of eyelid surgery
    Blepharoplasty is a minor procedure that has low risk. And if performed by a qualified doctor there would be no danger at all. It is uncommon to hear of a process without risks. It is necessary to note that all surgeries have their risks. The process should be carried out by a talented, skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who is a specialist in undertaking blepharoplasty surgery. Follow the advice by your doctor to reduce the risks. Healing time for eyelid surgery is short, about 48 to 72 hours. However, after your bandage is removed, you will avoid activities like swimming and strenuous exercises.
    If you need eyelid surgery, let Dr. Ruben Abrams carry out the procedure. He is the expert and leading cosmetic surgeon in blepharoplasty. He undertakes the operation skillfully with no risks involved.

We have had the occasion to perform blepharoplasties on many Oriental eyelids with quite satisfactory results. Particularly there have been some of our patients who had undergone eyelid surgery previously and were quite unhappy with the results, and once they approached us we were able to provide them with satisfactory corrections. During the past few years new types of laser have found their way in eye lift surgery. With the help of the laser, fine wrinkles of the lower eyelids which were once uncorrectable can be treated and the result is expected to last for several years. In addition, lower eyelid bags can be removed through the inner surface of the lower eyelid, again using the laser. This is called TRANSCONJUNCTIVAL BLEPHAROPLASTY and by doing so we avoid an outside incision on the lower eyelid and its inherent problems. Of course not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure. Therefore it is of utmost importance to evaluate each individual carefully, make the appropriate diagnosis, and recommend a “custom-made” plan specifically for that individual.


More recently there have been additions to the armamentarium of blepharoplasty, both for the upper and lower eyelids, which have in most cases eliminated the chance of problems such as post-surgical drooping of the lower eyelids and dryness, which used to be more common. As a result the results of modern eyelid improvement surgery are much more gratifying and patients are much happier. Especially since in most cases the surgery can be done under local anesthesia, there is almost no postoperative pain, and the patients are able to return to work within a few days.


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