Circumferential Body Lift

This type of redundancy refers to an abdomen which demonstrates sagging circumferentially, meaning all around the body, along with different degrees of laxity of the abdominal muscles and localized fat accumulation (adiposity).

This type of redundancy is usually a result of MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS secondary to BARIATRIC SURGERY.  In order to obtain a satisfactory result with this type of redundancy a CIRCUMFERENTIAL BODY LIFT also known as TORSOPLASTY is required, along with LIPOSUCTION as necessary.

This type of Tummy Tuck is usually reserved for people who have had MWL (Massive Weight Loss) secondary to Bariatric Surgery.  The following is an example of this type of Tummy Tuck / Body Lift.

Please visit our Photo Gallery for more examples of different types of Tummy Tuck.

In the BEFORE drawing the shaded areas indicate the skin and fat that will be removed. The green arrows indicate the direction that the remaining skin and fat will be pulled. In the AFTER drawing, the red line in the front and back indicate the usual location and size of the resulting scar. Note that in this procedure the skin is not only pulled down from above like the other types of tummy tuck, but it is also pulled up from below, hence the term BODY LIFT

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